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This Lenten Season:

Transfigure Us, Oh Lord!

Opening our hearts to Christ, our minds to learning, and our hands to service.


Welcome to St. John Middle School! 


Our middle school consists of students from the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Students rotate classrooms for each subject therefore having a wider variety of teachers throughout their day.


Students have many learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. We have been able to provide such opportunities as a leadership camp for seventh and eighth grade, theater productions at the Gallagher Bluedorn in Cedar Falls, conservation activities with the Buchanan County naturalists at Fontana Park, numerous service activites throughout the community, Junior Achievement, and DARE.


We offer many academic challenges as well. A team represents us at Battle of the Books. We offer eighth grade Algebra. Students compete in writing contests for Eastern Iowa Reading Council and Catholic Daughters. We have several contestants at the Energy Games.






About Mrs. Bussan


I grew up in Marion, Iowa where I attended St. Joseph elementary. My family moved to Eldora, Iowa where I started fifth grade and completed high school. I then attended Clarke College (now Clarke University) in Dubuque. I met my husband Craig while working at Eagle Ridge Inn & Resort during the summer. After graduating from Clarke, I moved to southern Illinois where Craig was attending graduate school. I taught algebra, algebra II, and pre-algebra at Columbia High School in Columbia, IL for six years before staying home when we started our family. When Craig took a transfer in his company, we moved closer to home which brought us to Independence. We fell in love with St. John school while looking for babysitters for our children. After being a substitute for a few years, I started teaching full-time at St. John in 2004 when my children were in kindergarten and second grade. Both my kids, Alex and Megan, have since completed St. John school, Independence High School, and college. Alex currently works in Dubuque and Megan in Cedar Rapids. My family is actively involved in Boy Scouts, 4-H, and the Brandon Trailblazers Saddle Club.




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